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Kimberly O'Reilly, D.H.Ed.

Kimberly O'Reilly, D.H.Ed., M.S.W.

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (Jan. 20, 2009) The online School of Health Management bid farewell to its dean of three years, Jon Persavich, Ph.D., on December 17 and welcomed Kimberly O’Reilly, D.H.Ed., M.S.W., who served as SHM’s vice dean for the past three years, as interim dean.


Dr. Persavich accepted a position with the Online Learning Division of Corinthian Colleges, Inc., as division vice president of education and provost, where he will be responsible for more than 30 campuses, more than 500 adjunct faculty, and more than 12,000 students.


Under Dr. Persavich’s leadership, SHM’s student body grew four-fold in the last two-and-a-half years, leading SHM to expand its existing facility in July. Their $350,000 construction more than doubled the size of their facility, allowing SHM to increase staff to accommodate their growing student body. 


Dr. O’Reilly assumed her role as interim dean December 18 and is looking forward to the challenges and opportunities that lie ahead.


I am blessed with the opportunity to promote a University in which I believe and with a team that is capable, dedicated, and excited about the future of SHM,” said Dr. O’Reilly. “We face the challenge of promoting quality education that is engaging, beneficial, and desired. We are fortunate to be a part of a dynamic group of schools which share a passion for education in the health field, and we have the unique opportunity to join forces with each of the schools within the University to bring a collective and diverse understanding of health management and education to our students.


Dr. O’Reilly is an alumnus of Purdue University, Indiana University, and ATSU-SHM. She practiced in the field of mental health for five years prior to entering higher education. Since 2004, she worked in online education teaching, creating assessment plans, developing and designing curriculum, developing programs and individualized education plans, and providing both faculty and student support services.


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KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (Mar. 25, 2008 ) – A.T. Still University’s School of Health Management (SHM) broke ground on its new facility in Kirksville on March 24. The $350,000 construction results from a partnership between SHM and KCOM and represents ATSU’s continued commitment to the Kirksville community.

SHM’s new administrative building will more than double the size of its current facility. “As the School grows, so does our need to grow our space,” said SHM Associate Dean Keith Nordmann, M.S. “Due to the flexible nature of online education,” he said, “Students are able to take classes around the world as long as they have an Internet connection.” More than 500 students attend SHM online from worldwide locations, including London, England, and South Africa. Several SHM students currently serve in the military and attend classes in Iraq, Germany, and Japan.

“The demand for qualified healthcare professionals in positions of leadership is indeed rising, and our enrollment and physical expansion reflect that increase,” said SHM Dean Jon Persavich, Ph.D., adding that SHM’s student body has grown four-fold in the last two-and-a-half years.

The new building will be located just east of ATSU’s Thompson Campus Center and is expected to be completed in July 2008.


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KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (Oct. 24, 2007) – A. T. Still University held an all-campus meeting on Friday, October 19, in observation of Founder’s Day. The meeting serves to enlighten alumni and students on the outstanding growth and development at the University’s Missouri and Arizona campuses.

President James J. McGovern, Ph.D., presented the state of the University address, reporting that ATSU is in the top 10 of doctoral degree-granting universities in the United States and enrollment has increased nearly 25 percent in 2007, jumping from 2,437 enrollments in 2006 to 3,072 enrollments this year.

Jon Persavich, Ph.D., dean of the online School of Health Management, said the number of online students has doubled in the last year. Enrollment currently stands at 400 online students who are working toward doctoral and master’s degrees via online courses.  

Dean of the Kirksville College of Osteopathic Medicine, Philip Slocum, D.O., received a standing ovation following the state of KCOM address in which he acknowledged the hard work of faculty and staff in many accomplishments. Dr. Slocum shared words of wisdom with the Kirksville Campus from author Jim Collins: “Greatness is a matter of choice and discipline.”

Lori Haxton, M.A., associate vice president of ATSU admissions and alumni services, directed the Gold Medallion and Alumni Recognition Ceremony. This ceremony honors visiting alumni of the 50th anniversary class with a Gold Medallion and 50 year pin. Attending members of the 1987, 1967, and 1962 classes were recognized, receiving a pin representing the number of years since graduation. Members of the President’s Gold Medallion Club were also acknowledged.


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Many SHM students visit Kirksville for the first time to receive their degrees

KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (June 7, 2007) – On June 9, A.T. Still University’s School of Health Management graduates its latest class of degree recipients in geriatric health (M.G.H.), public health (M.P.H.), and health administration (M.H.A.) at the University’s Thompson Campus Center.

“When the school opened in 1999, we knew that the demand for healthcare professionals nationwide was going to lead to a greater demand for administrators, managers, and teachers in healthcare settings,” SHM Dean Jon Persavich, Ph.D., said. “The demand for qualified healthcare professionals in positions of leadership is indeed rising, and our enrollment and expansion reflects that increase.”

Jason Haxton, M.A., director of the Still National Osteopathic Museum, will provide the keynote address and familiarize the graduates with the osteopathic tradition of A.T. Still University. Each student will also receive a signed copy of “The First School of Osteopathic Medicine” by Georgia Warner Walter. Haxton’s address will focus on the “life and times” of Dr. Still and discuss the events and inspirations that led him to establish and develop osteopathic medicine.

Since most of the students have not visited the campus, ATSU President James McGovern, Ph.D., felt it was appropriate that they come to the campus to understand the vision of University founder Andrew Taylor Still and the history of A.T. Still University.

“We want all of our students to understand the osteopathic tradition and demonstrate the principles of whole-person healthcare regardless of their specific occupation,” Dr. McGovern said. “Bringing them to Kirksville, the home of osteopathic philosophy and practice, for graduation should be a very valuable experience as we send them out to represent ATSU in the workforce.”


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KIRKSVILLE, Mo. (Aug. 11, 2006 ) – ATSU’s School of Health Management (ATSU-SHM) received approval from the Higher Learning Commission, North Central Association of Colleges and Schools to offer its doctorate in health education (D.H.Ed.) program. The program is specifically designed to develop and train healthcare professionals for both leadership and teaching roles who are highly skilled at academic operations in addition to problem identification and resolution.

Jon Persavich, Ph.D., ATSU-SHM Dean said “this program was developed to provide students with a great deal of flexibility in identifying problem areas within their work environments and design effective solutions to resolve them. Each student is required to complete an integrated applied dissertation as a final project that uses the material covered during their program of study to help resolve a work-related issue.”

The first group of students will begin their program of study on August 28th. The next session will start during the winter term. The application deadline for winter term is October, 27, 2006.

To inquire about any of the programs at ATSU-SHM, you can contact a graduate enrollment counselor at (U.S./toll-free) 877.469.2878 or by email at onlineinquiry@atsu.edu or visit http://www.atsu.edu/shm/index.htm.


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